13 Things I’m Thinking

So here are 13 things that I’m thinking about at the moment. I’m just going to state them in a list and if you want to, you can think about them too.

I’m not saying they’re right by the way – just that I’m thinking about them!

1. When we talk about being made more like Jesus, that doesn’t mean more like Jesus as He was during His earthly ministry, but as He is now, at the right hand of the Father. This is proved by the fact that the final act of this process is receiving a glorious body just like His.

2. Deacons, it seems to me, are not a council with authority in church government, but servants of the local church, appointed and recognised as and when they’re needed for specific acts of service and worship that are not based around the preaching and teaching of the Word. There doesn’t seem to me to be much of a case for a permanent “council of deacons”, in the same way that there is for a “council of Elders”.

3. The Old Testament scriptures were written, ultimately, for Christians. But in order to understand how they instruct us as Christians, every passage, chapter and verse needs to brought fully to the foot of the Cross and examined in light of the life, death, resurrection, ascension and proclamation of Christ, and the teaching of His Apostles. Otherwise, we’ll do ourselves harm.

4. I want the active power and presence of God in my life to at least equal to , if not overtake entirely, the active presence and power of sin in my life. I believe this is possible.

5. How can we possibly think that distancing ourselves from the community of the church is godly when God is One, in fact even Three-in-One, but He’s not Three alone?

6. Planting churches should be simple, trial-and-error and allowed to fail. The worst that can happen is that nobody is saved through the work and everybody comes back the planting church, takes some time to heal and recuperate, then tries again as the Lord leads.

7. I’m a Christian before I’m a husband and a father. That should shape my identity more. God gave me my wife and my son, and He can take them away. But He can never take away His Eternal Covenant, lest He be proved a liar.

8. Faithfulness is not defined by number of conversions. Lack of concern about number of conversions is a mark of unfaithfulness.

9. Worship music ought to stir up the affections and awaken the heart, that we might then push our enlivened selves into the truths of the Gospel, and rejoice!

10. I want to stay closer to Christ than to Christians. The latter can be taken away; the former can never be.

11. My sin takes root and grows quickest when I have neglected to spend time each day reading my Bible, prayerfully asking for God to speak to me and remind me of His precious promises and their protective power against temptation.

12. Humility isn’t about beating myself up or denigrating myself when others speak well of me (much as that can be a coping mechanism against the praise of men), but it’s about becoming so obsessed with loving Jesus and others and I forget to take much notice of myself at all.

13. It seems to me that the only eschatology which could consistently believe that Jesus Christ could return at any given moment is pre-tribulation pre-millenialism, and even then it’s a technicality.



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