Online Reputation Management

It’s no secret, and this is about the bazillionth time this has been stated. Google has changed the world.

In my current job, I’m responsible for generating new business at Igniyte, an online reputation management company in the UK. We specialize specifically in helping individuals, brands and companies combat negative content on the first page of Google.

Try searching for yourself in Google. For most, nothing major appears. Maybe the odd social media profile, or an old picture. But if you depend on your reputation for your livelihood, then what appears in Google when your name is searched for could have massive implications for your career moving forward.

I’m talking Doctors. Lawyers. Financial Professionals. TV/Film/Radio/Music personalities. CEO’s.

But it’s not just for the high-flying. It’s fairly common practice for employers to Google applicants before they arrive for an interview. If you’re intending to go to a job interview in the next 2 years, you should probably start thinking about what appears now, rather than get there and discovered that past scandals, embarrassing happenings or other things you’re not sure you’d want a prospective employer to find are hindering your chances of securing the role.

I’m fortunate enough to have a name similar enough and the same as two or three high profile individuals in sport. Which means you Google me, and you don’t find much! May it long continue. ;)

But it’s certainly a question for the future – are the days coming when CV’s will be irrelevant? Will employers simply review your LinkedIn Profile, rather than asking for a CV? Will they ask your Connections for references? Interesting time could certainly be ahead for this industry, and I’m excited to be part of it as it’s just beginning to get off the ground in the UK. A recent article about Igniyte in the Guardian is the first of a few press appearances coming up that highlight this as a live issue.

So let’s see where things go from here.

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